About HAKI

Haki in Swahili means rights: the individuals right to food, clothing, shelter and life’s basics, the rights available by law, the right of the individual to seek their destiny.

In 2018, Portland’s HAKI Organization & Center was created to be a resource of education, advocacy and empowerment. In the spirit of a welcoming smile, open heart and helping hand, the HAKI Center is home of support, camaraderie and multi-cultural acceptance.

HAKI Community Center Activities

  • We meet with at-risk tenants to explain their rights, responsibilities and options
  • We hold workshops on home ownership
  • We have classes on citizenship
  • We help the Swahili speaking community with interpreting services
  • We assist with forms, applications, paperwork and accessing social services
  • We hold ESI classes so individuals can learn English, get better jobs and advance in their new country
  • We have community open houses for people to mingle, mix and share ideas and cultures
  • We cook food and have nutrition and healthy-eating classes for seniors and mothers
  • We provide outreach and stability to at-risk youth to avoid gangs & crime
  • We help children preserve their native culture by teaching them Arabic and telling stories

Who We Partner With

  • Community Alliance of Tenants
  • Guidance Residential Home Financing
  • Somali American Council of Oregon
  • Neighborhood House Senior Center
  • Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Muslim Education Trust
  • Immigrant’s and Refugee’s Community Organization Africa-House
  • Street Soccer USA
  • Columbia Land Trust

HAKI Community Model


if you give someone the tools and the support thay will thrive and succeed.

Individuak Dignity…

every person is precious, regardless of color, country of origin, beliefs or income

Community Cohesion…

there is unity in community. HAKI is an umbrella of services and a place to call home

Access To All…

there are no barriers to HAKI’s services. We’re here to help, with heart

Give, Receive, Believe…

there is kindness in giving, gratitude in receiving and strength in believing